In my current research project, Tourists and vagabonds in 21st century cities: On senses of socio-spatial belonging of international migrants, I work at the intersection of urban studies and migration studies. My empirical research asks for the ways in which international migrants establish senses of belonging to urban places despite frequently changing locations. Especially in focus are high-skilled and low-skilled migrants, that is those who – presumably – migrate voluntarily and those who migrate for the sake of survival. Special attention is on the role of (material) objects for the creation of senses of belonging and attachment to places. For the analysis of my qualitative research data, I thus gain additional insights from the social studies of space, material culture studies and works on globalization (see here for a first glance at my research results).

Additional research circles around the interrelation of materiality and sociality in contemporary societies, that is on the mutual interdependencies of architecture and society. Here, I am very much influenced by contemporary sociology of space and science and technology studies (see here for one outcome of this interest). This focus is part of my general and long-lasting research interest in contemporary urban development that started with the research on my PhD thesis on Green Creative Cities.

Selection of Research Projects

currently Tourists and Vagabonds in 21st Century Cities. On Socio-spatial Belongings of International Migrants Synopsis Research Project
  Constituting a New Sociology of Architecture with a Little Help from Science and Technology Studies (with PD Dr. Werner Reichmann, University of Konstanz/SPP Mediatized Worlds)
  On the Role of Urban Public Spaces in Social Transformation Processes
PhD thesis Green Creative Cities. Zur Gestaltung eines Stadttypus des 21. Jahrhunderts Summary PhD thesis